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The Movement

This track will be available through streaming services upon release of an upcoming 5-song EP. 🌹


hi there are you adequately suited to the movement and do
you oppose the founding of a little peace of mind 
my we’re far too adamantly rooted to improvement so I 
gave away my reason and I stole a trans am 
am i waiting am i skating am i jading consecrating 
i know you appreciate the color of accelerating 

hey love me your way 

oh that thing you do when lying looking at the moon and do you 
think another kiss will let us finally seize control 
go and sing to who’s been crying raise some holy hell and maybe 
think about the consequence of stealing my soul 
sold a million old decisions bold religions no provisions 
I know you prefer a kiss unlike the ones on television 

hey love me your way

oh I want some peace of mind to 
save me from the way you find your 
way into my fantasy sublime
oh and now I see a sign you 
give me more than you can hide so 
way in you we may now cross the line